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Etherow Lodge park is a beautiful retreat incorporating a Victorian water garden, restored and developed by a partnership between residents, community groups and Tameside MBC to become a safe, welcoming accessible environment enjoyed by people of all ages. It has activities that compliment the tranquil and natural beauty of the surroundings, with space for people to enjoy quiet reflection, areas for children to safely play, dog walkers to enjoy a stroll and families to enjoy a picnic. The natural surroundings have been enhanced by the cooperative creation of a butterfly and wildflower garden. The history of the park and its wildlife provide an educational focus for individuals and groups of all ages. The open areas provide space for community groups to come together for celebrations and events ensuring that the park is a `hub’ for, and belonging to the communities it serves.  


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Orienteering and Activities

We have now proudly been awarded GREEN FLAG Status! Please Click HERE for more!!


Hopefully some time in the not too distant future we can start to have family events in the Park again.  In the meantime I hope you carry on enjoying the Park and say hello to the volunteers in there doing maintenance on a Wednesday